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Honey Bee Hand Soap, 60 Count

Honey Bee Hand Soap, 60 Count

Handcrafted cold process soap made in small batches to ensure perfection. Our Honey Bee Hand Soap is one of our personal favorites!  Its the perfect size for washrooms or the sink soap rack.  These are perfect size for hotels or gifts such as wedding favors etc.  Approximatly 1.5oz Honey Bee Hand Soaps.  Wrapped in our "Naked" plastic wrap and placed in one of our lavender organza bag satchels.


We create each order to perfection once purchased so please allow 6-8 weeks before shipments are sent.


    All our soaps are made by hand in small batches to ensure quality on our farm in Nicasio California located in the heart of West Marin County just north of the San Francisco Bay. We use the traditional and time-tested method of cold process soap making using distilled water and only Red Crown High Test sodium hydroxide LYE for the best results possible. We use a special blend of the freshest ingredients possible, Organic Coconut Oil and locally sourced Organic Olive Oil grown and processed in Nicasio Valley as the base oils in our soaps. We then add a variety of fragrance oils to each small handmade batch to give it a unique long-lasting scent. 


    Please note due the personal hygiene nature of our products we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

  • Ingredients

    Base oils:

    Organic Locally Sourced Olive Oil grown in Nicasio Valley

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    Fragrence Oil Options:

    ~Oatmeal Milk and Honey


    ~Lavender Black Amber


    ~Lemon Verbena 

    ~Natural (no added fregrance oil)

    ~Charcoal (no added fregrance oil)


    Distilled water & Red Crown Sodium Hydroxide Lye used in the saponification process, no lye present in final products.

  • Custom Orders

    Thank you for exploring our product lines.  Once you make a purchase and select your fragrance prefrence option you would prefer, we will begin crafting your custom soap batch. We create each order to perfection once purchased so please allow 6-8 weeks before shipments are sent.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask about custom orders.  We can do different shapes, fragrances or custom batches upon request.  If your favorite soap variety is currently sold out, don’t panic… just send us an email and let us know how many you would like, which varieties, and we will make you a custom order. 

    Please note our artisan cold process hand crafted soaps take a minimum of 6 weeks to cure and harden properly so please account for this when placing a special order.

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