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Wilson's Coyote Rainbow Fig Tree

Wilson's Coyote Rainbow Fig Tree

Wilson's Coyote Rainbow Fig Live Tree

4x9 tree pot size


This exceptional fig tree variety is unique, exquisitely beautiful, productive, and delicious.  We discovered it growing wild in West Marin, CA.  Through historical research, we were able to confirm it grew wild from seed and was not planted by humans, but possibly by the coyotes spotted the same day we discovered this beautiful fruit tree.  Since we have been propagating it and hope to be able to offer it for sale in the coming years.  It's the best fig my wife or myself have ever tasted, extremely productive, and cool coastal climate hardy.  It's unknown as of yet if it is common or if we're just lucky to live in California where fig wasps make this beautiful fruit come to life.  We will update this page once we have confirmation from friends if it is a common fig or not.  Either way, it's worth growing even if you live in a non-fig wasp region if only to try out hand pollination!


About us:


At Frosty Morning Farm we have over 250 exceptional fig varieties growing in our collection as well as many other unique plants. With over 30 years of botanical experience, we are excited to share our plant treasures with you. We are careful to only acquire our plants and especially our figs from reputable sources (licensed nurseries or trusted growers) and ensure all our trees are accurate prior to sales.


*** I’m a California Rare Fruit Growers - Life Member / Emergency Medicine Physician Associate (Assistant) / Father / Husband / Climber & Botanist ***


We always cut fresh and package with care to ensure safe delivery. Plants and scions are shipped out on Mondays to ensure minimal shipping delays. We value your feedback, please let us know how we can best serve you! If there is something wrong with your order please contact us with photo documentation within 3 days of delivery so we can either refund your purchase or ship you new plants when possible.


Thank you and happy gardening!



We take great care with our packaging to ensure safe and secure shipping. We only use USPS Priority Mail with tracking to ensure safe travels for your new plants.


Shipping to Continental US only, sorry no Hawaii.





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