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6 Pack - French 'Provence' Lavender Plants

6 Pack - French 'Provence' Lavender Plants

6 pack of French 'Provence' Lavender Plants

4 in Pot Size - Shipped Bare Root


Cultivar: Lavandula x intermedia


Info: Grown on site from cuttings using an organic potting mix.


Organic French Lavender is an excellent choice for California and most other gardens as well.  Replacing your lawn with a lavender garden will save you money on your water bill.  Lavenders flourish best in dry, well-drained, sandy or gravelly soils in full sun.


These drought hardy perennial plants, require minimal water once established and are perfect for landscaping.  Honeybees and butterflies love them!  In West Marin, our lavender flowers from mid-June, all through summer and still send up new flower spikes in late November!


Lavender is a uniquely versatile plant.  It can be used to make floral bouquets, cut flowers, dried flowers, remove flower buds for lavender oil extraction or potpourri, or use fresh or dried for cooking. Oils can be extracted and used for sleep aids in water mists, sleep pillows, sleepy time tea or for a delicious lavender latte. You can make soaps and lotions as well. This amazing plant is almost limitless in potential. Another big bonus is that they are deer and gopher resistant.  We have tones of both ravenous deer and gophers and they don't even touch our two patches of lavender!

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