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Azolla Mix Organic Bio Fertilizer & Super Soil

Azolla Mix Organic Bio Fertilizer & Super Soil

Our Azolla mix is hands down the best organic slow-release bio fertilizer we have ever experienced. Intense growth 5X as fast as Premium Organic Soil Mix from nurseries. Use it as 50/50 mix to create an exceptional super soil or as direct plant for plants that love moisture and watch your plants explode with growth, mix it into your soil, or use it as a mulch for that boost your plants have been asking for.

I used it on my citrus that was on the verge of death despite using citrus-specific organic fertilizer, it had no leaves left, and honestly, I was about to dig it out. Now it's flourishing with amazing growth and full of dark green leaves!


Ive used it as a rooting medium successfuly with Figs, Butterfly bushes, Thornless Blackberries, and Kale with exceptional root growth and moisture retention.

How do I harvest it? Get on my waders, walk out into the pond with my surfboard, and scoop out the organic Azolla mix off the top of our pond. Leave it to drain excess water, then haul it by hand up to my garden! It's very labor-intensive but it is soooo worth it!

Now I'm offering it to you all for 25$ a whole 50lbs horse feed bag (3, 5 gallon nursery pots worth). Buy 10 or more bags and I'll drop the price to 20$ a bag.

30$ Jumbo bags now available as well (4, 5 gallon nursery pots worth).

This is a huge win for the planet and my garden/orchard, and hopefully yours too! My wife wanted me to use aquatic herbicide to get rid of the Azolla but then I did my research and found out this amazing fern is worth its weight in gold! I'm recycling empty horse feed bags so saving them from the landfill as well as harvesting this amazing prehistoric Azolla fern.

Check out my fig experiment for yourself. Same size cuttings, one rooted in purchased premium organic "turbocharged" potting mix. The other is in pure azolla mix. Azolla mix for the win!!!

More info on Azolla: Overall this aquatic fern is amazing with off-the-charts carbon sequestration, and mosquito prevention, and has been used for livestock and chicken feed as well as how I use it, as an off-the-charts organic bio-fertilizer! It has been native to most of the World's regions for over 150 million years!

~Bio Fertilizer / Super Soil: Intense plant growth and earlier fruit prediction without the risk of burning your plants. Ive planted directly into it and watched my figs pop with growth! Balanced NPK. Slow release of nutrients as the azolla breaks down over time.
~Multch: fertilize while suppressing weed growth.
~Feed: Organic high-protein Chicken Feed (only when used fresh / Note I am selling it aged so it's not ideal for animal feed). High protein content! 20$ per 1-gallon bag if fresh harvest is desired.


Note:  Local Pick Up Only

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